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Catering Brochure

Whether it's a breakfast get-together, an afternoon tea, a corporate day out of the office, a baby shower..... we have a selection of platters and cakes to satisfy your guests. 

Please note, no self catering is permitted.  All food and beverage is to be supplied by River Cafe.

A 10% service charge is added to your final bill.





- Croissant platter with cheese & preserves (10 pieces)


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Skewers (serves 12) R275
- Assorted freshly baked muffin platter served with cheese & preserves (serves 10) R310
Whole quiches (serves 8 - 10) ( see fillings below)

- Platter of gourmet individual quiches (12 pieces)

  • Spinach and goats cheese
  • Roasted butternut, feta and fresh thyme
  • Bacon and mushroom
  • Smoked salmon & asparagus, topped with creme fraiche & capers (12 individual quiches, R235)
- Wrap Platter (serves 12 - 14).  A selection of wraps, cut into bite size pieces   
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avo
  • Pepadew, feta, avo, cream cheese and greens

- Sandwich platter (serves 12 - 14)

A mixture of the following fillings, on white, brown & French baguette:

  • cheese tomato and fresh basil
  • chicken mayo topped with sweet chili and spring onion
  • cream cheese & cucumber
  • country ham, tomato & whole grain mustard.
- Salmon Stacks (12 pieces)
  • An elegant platter of crispy French bread rounds topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, avo, capers and red onion



- Chicken strips served with cheese sauce (30 pieces)
  • Tender lightly crumbed chicken fillet strips, served with cheese sauce for dipping


- Chicken & veg phylo spring rolls (24 pieces) served with sweet chilli sauce 

- Drumstick platter (24 pieces) served with sweet chilli sauceR300

- Mini chicken prego rolls (12 pieces)

    Tender chicken fillet breast with lettuce, tomato and prego sauce  


- Large decadent Nachos platter (serves approx 12)
  • Smothered with melted cheese, served with guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapeno chillies and sour cream

- Meat Platter (serves 10 – 12)

  • Rump skewers
  • crumbed chicken fillet strips
  • savoury meat balls
  • cheese griller sausages

Served with hot chips and dipping sauces

- Cheese and biscuits platter (serves 10 – 14) R395
- The best Lemon Meringue                                                                                                                                                                   R500
- Chocolate & Caramel CakeR320
- Carrot Cake R340
- Fresh homemade Scones served with jam and cream (10 scones)R200

- Dessert Platter (24 pieces)


  • Mini meringues with cream
  • Chocolate eclairs
  • Fruit Skewers
  • Chocolate Brownies 


-Large jugs of fresh fruit juice :                                                                                                   
  • Orange, fruit cocktail, mango, strawberry, apple
R 90 
- Jugs of water with mint & lemon
R 40
- Jugs of black cherry soda served with fresh mint and berries 
R 98
- Jugs of Pimms cocktail 
 -Large bottles of Valpre mineral water (still or sparkling)  R40
We are licensed – a selection of beer, wine and champagne available  
For the Kids
- Kiddies savoury platter (for about 12 kids)                                                                              
  • cocktail cheese sausages
  • grilled chicken strips
  • mozzarella cubes
  • fresh veggie strips
  • hot chips

- Bucket of Saussies (30 pieces)

A bucket of yummy cocktail cheese sausages

- Kiddies fresh seasonal fruit platter (serves about 12)
- Hot dog platter (12 pieces) R160
- Mini hamburger platter (12 pieces) R200
- Platter of hot chips
R 90

- Chicken strips served with cheese sauce (30 pieces)

  • Tender lightly crumbed chicken strips, served with cheese sauce for dipping.

- Kiddies Pizza (8 - 10 slices)

  • Margherita
  • chicken
  • OR ham & pineapple
- Cupcakes (12 pieces)
  • Decorated with coloured icing and sweets
- Large bowl of popcorn R 55
Kids Drinks
Jugs of fresh fruit juice
  • Orange, fruit cocktail, mango, strawberry, apple
Kids Fruit juice bottles (apple)                                                                                                     
R 15.00